Jillian Whitaker is a fresh new voice in the world of Hollywood film music. A native of Iowa, she moved to Los Angeles in 2015 to begin working with composer Assaf Rinde. With a background in violin, jazz and classical saxophone, piano, world percussions, and conducting, her experience as a performer and her broad musical perspective bring a unique and expansive flavor into Jillian's music.

She has written and conducted original scores for a number of film projects by award-winning directors. Since living in Los Angeles, Jillian has written multiple trailer tracks, played as a session musician, and worked on a number of film and television projects.

A graduate of the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Music Composition/Theory, Jillian's time there culminated in a live presentation of her film music as part of her thesis entitled “Listening to Movies: The Emotional Response of an Audience in Correlation with Film”.


Her commitment to excellence and passion for her work makes Jillian the ideal collaborator on any project.